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Zebda biography

A band from Toulouse, France, combining reggae, ska, rock and raï and much more. The band is led by three singers originally from Morocco. Most of their lyrics have a political content, addressing issues such as the discrimination against Arab immigrants. The band was formed in 1985 and split in 2003 and 2012 Key songs include: Tomber la chemise (Take Off Your Shirt) - The summer hit in many European countries that propelled Zebda into the forefront. Motivés - Their political 'anthem', with which has a political party, called 'Motivé-e-s' which ran for the city council elections of Toulouse (they got about 15%). Le bruit et l'odeur (The noise and smell) - Probably the sharpest song written in response to French President Jacques Chirac's words that arabic immigrants make only noise, smell and don't get a job (Chirac was IN office at the time). Albums: L'aréne des rumeurs (1992) Le bruit et l'odeur (1995) Essence ordinaire (1998) - about 300 000 copies sold Utopie d'occase (2002) La Tawa (2003) - Live album with bonus DVD Members: Magyd Cherfi - vocal Mouss et Hakim Amokrane - vocal Pascal Cabero - guitar Joël Saurin - bass guitar Rémi Sanchez - keyboard Vincent Sauvage - drums

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