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There are at least 10 artists/groups named "Zebra". 1) A 3-piece rock band formed in the '70s 2) a jamaican Dancehall-Deejay 3) rare 70s funk 4) ZEBRA; a dutch reggae/ska (nederreggae) band MySpace, Facebook, Website, 5) a yugoslavian prog-pop-band from the 70s 6) ZebrA, a demo hardcore punk act from Belgrade, Serbia, currently active (2011-). 7) a german newcomer rock/pop band MySpace 8) A 70's Dublin based Irish Reggae band 9) a South Korean Jazz Trio - see lower down page below for details... 10) a Ukrainian pop-dance girl duo (members Elena Umanets & Elena Pozumnaya) 11) nico nico douga utaite ( japanese singer which makes vocaloid covers) 12) a cool dude who writes PXTONE and AMBIENT 1)Zebra is a 3 piece melodic rock band comprised of Randy Jackson (vocals/guitars), Guy Gelso (drums), and Felix Hanemann (bass/keyboards). Originally formed in 1975 in New Orleans, Zebra developed legendary status in two "hometown" areas (Louisiana and Long Island), but are woefully under-appreciated in much of the remaining rock world. The band was initially compared to Led Zeppelin and Rush due to their first releases "Tell Me What You Want" and "Who's Behind the Door" off their debut album. They also garnered this initial reputation because they started their career playing covers from both of these classic bands. They later developed their own sound due to the incredible range of Randy Jackson on vocals. Though certainly not a mega act, Zebra still holds concerts and have a faithful fanbase. Their fourth studio album was released in 2003. Official Zebra site: thedoor.com 2) Zebra is also a jamaican Dancehall-Deejay. 3) There is also a dutch reggae/ska band called ZEBRA. The myspace site of this band is here, in dutch. 6) ZebrA is an underground hardcore punk/metal band from Belgrade, Serbia. The band is well noted for their energetic live shows, as well humorous lyrics concerning sex, alcohol abuse and the absurd. In 2012 the demo single ,,Pujo Sotka'' was released via YouTube. It is a shorter-than-one-minute anthem to the Serbian version of infamous internet meme Dolan Duck. 8) Zebra - a Dublin Irish Band - billed as Ireland's only Reggae Group - that recorded in the late 70's with Terri Hooley (of Record Label <Good Vibrations> - he also signed The Undertones). In 1979 Zebra released a two track 12inch Vinyl EP titled "Repression", backed with "931" on the Good Vibrations label. 1,200 discs were pressed as a limited edition and they sold for £1.49 (Irish Punts at the time). Group Members were Peter Deane (Vocals Guitar); Steven Rekab (Vocals Guitar); Mark Thyme ( Drums - with a name like that what else?); Bernard Rangel (Percussion Vocals); Brian Nartey (Bass) and Norman Morrow (Keyboards). On this release Leo Mallon filled the drummers shoes of Mark Thyme with a view to permanent membership. This 12 inch Vinyl EP can still found (if you're lucky) for sale on ebay. 11) His Wiki - http://utaite.wikia.com/wiki/Zebra 12) http://soundcloud.com/zebra-9 / http://zebra.bandcamp.com/

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