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Zee biography

There are several acts with the name Zee. 1. ZEE is the stage name of Joe Bissell, an emerging Boston/NYC/San Francisco-based singer/songwriter and musician with pop/rock/electronic/soul influences. He released his first single, Refugee, in December 2013, prompting EQ Music to hail him as a "fine specimen of burgeoning pop stardom." In November 2014 he released an acoustic version of Refugee, Refugee (Unplugged). He is currently producing his first EP, to be released in 2015. 2. Zee is a tomboy singer from Thailand. (yes, she is a girl who looks like a boy) 3. Zee is a British dance act that took part in the British preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2002. Although Zee initially qualified for the final, she was subsequently disqualified because "Never in a million years" was released in Hungary during 2001. 4. Zee was an experimental synthesizer-based pop band formed in 1983 by Richard Wright and Dave Harris. The band signed a record deal with Harvest Records and released only one album, Identity, which was only ever officially released in Europe. The album flopped completely and Richard Wright left in 1986 to rejoin Pink Floyd. He later described Zee as an "experimental mistake". 5. There are several hip-hop artists going under the name of Zee. 6. There is a Latvian techno producer and VJ also known as z99.

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