Zemlyane top 20 songs


Zemlyane biography

Zemlyane (Земля́не) is a rock band, formed in 1977 in Russia (USSR at that time). They write songs which refer to home. Some of their most famous songs are "Trava y doma" (Трава у дома - The grass at home), "Prosti, Zemlia" (Прости, Земля - Forgive me, Land), "Kaskadioryi" (Каскадеры - Stunt men) etc. In 1989 Zemlyane changed their name to "East express" (Восточный Экспресс). Nowadays the band consists of: Sergei Skachkov (Сергей Скачков) - vocals Genadii Martov (Геннадий Мартов) - guitar Mahach Muhaidinov (Махач Мухайдинов) - bass-guitar Boris Dolgih (Борис Долгих) - keyboards Oleg Hovrin (Олег Ховрин) - drums

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