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Ziyoda biography

Ziyoda O'tkirovna Qobilova (born January 7, 1989 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan) is an Uzbek contemporary and folk pop singer, occasional drama actress and Uzbek society personality. She is best known for the strongly cultural influences on her western-orientated pop tracks, which have been described as a flawless and modern mix between Central-Asia, Arabia and the Western world. Qobilova rose to national stardom for the first time with Sevmaganman, a cover of Ruslana's Wild Dances in 2004. Shortly after that, the then 16-year old singer started recording her first tracks with her label Shou Biznez.UZ, followed by the release of her debut album in 2008. This album featured national hit singles Hay Layli, Parvona and Yollarim, as well as many other succesful songs for which she starred in modern, fashionable and western-orientated videoclips. Additional to this, her label had her star in several Uzbek drama's which also aired in Turkey. It is unknown what she's currently working on, but as a promising artist called Uzbekistan's greatest voice at age 20, there's surely gonna be more.

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