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Zutsuu biography

Zutsuu is a Hardcore Techno artist and live-act from Finland, currently situated in Tampere. His tracks have influences from various styles such as Industrial Hardcore, Breakcore, Tribe/Hardtek, Gabba and Speedcore, but the tracks do not always fall under a specific genre. Common features found in his music are an uptempo bpm (180-250 bpm and faster), socially and politically conscious themes and acoustic mashups. Recently he has also been focusing on atmospheric, psychedelic and introspective hardcore and speedcore under the alias Teknoaidi. Zutsuu has performed in different parts of Finland from north to south and from east to west as well as abroad in Sweden, Lithuania, Holland, Russia and Germany. Zutsuu is the founder of Kovaydin.NET (www.kovaydin.net), a Finnish crew, webcommunity and weblabel that promotes underground hardcore to the locals and elsewhere. In Finland he also does underground party promotion and dj'ing. Website: http://zutsuu.kovaydin.net

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