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Zvonko Bogdan biography

Zvonko Bogdan (born January 5, 1942 in Sombor, Serbia) is an eminent performer of traditional folk songs from Bačka (Serbia). Apart from being famous as a singer, he is also a composer, painter and harness racer, and universally recognized as a bonvivant and a gentleman. He was born in the city of Sombor during the World War II, when the region was under Hungarian occupation, to a Croatian-Bunjevac family. Accompanying bands on his concerts are the Tamburaški orkestar Janike Balaža from Serbia and the Zagrebački tamburaši from Croatia. The late Janika Balázs and still living Jerry Grchevich are his favourite tamburitza musicians and co-workers. Zvonko Bogdan is still very active and he plays in Serbia and Croatia, and all over the world where people of Serbia and Croatians are living.

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