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ZX Spectrum is a death'n'roll band from Latvia, founded in 2000. The band's first full-length Demo recording Human Herd (2005) is largely inspired by the last Carcass' album Swansong. The following release, Optimistic Views EP (2007), continues to blend groovy tunes and heavy riffs with aggressive lyrics and Jeff Walker style vocals, but the last EP Alms changes band's direction in more melodic and experimental path. The current line-up is: Kosta (guitars, vocals), Anthony (guitars), Roman (bass), Vadim (drums). Optimistic Views (2007) reviews: METALCRYPT.COM: “The guitars have a metallic, distorted and raw edge, but the basic melodies are unmistakably rock 'n' roll”. BEATTHEBLIZZARD.COM: “Really looking forward to more stuff from ZX SPECTRUM!” SCHWERMETALL.CH: “Optimistic Views crosses conventional borders with an impressive stylistic confidence which everybody must judge for itself”. METALLAND.ORG: “The group was previously compared to Carcass, but I reassure you, the link is not so obvious any more. ZX SPECTRUM has found the voice.” SWEDENMETAL.SE: “An awkward mixture. Melodies are interesting and remind of rock’n’roll”. POSSESSED.DE: "Absolutely danceable and headbangable." POWERMETAL.DE: "Optimistic Views is too short, one can only wish for more." Human Herd (2005) reviews: HEATHENHARVEST.COM: "Wow, these guys can fucking groove!" HARM.US: "This is one solid album, guitar freaks will want to give this one a listen". http://www.zx-spectrum.org http://www.myspace.com/zxspectrum

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