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www.myspace.com/zybex Zybex is Roberto Tello, born in the South of Chile. From a very young age had a special taste for music and was especially influenced by 80’s pop music. He first learned of electronic music in the early nineties with the sounds of Jarre, Enigma and more New Age artists. During his school years he mainly stuck to rock music with the likes of Radiohead and Faith no More. In the mid-nineties he heard discover bands like Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, FSOL, etc and find for where goes his favorite musical style. In 1999 he began to experiment with virtual synths, but only as a hobby. In 2003 he met his friends; Hector (Ovnimoon) and Luciano (Psypsiq Jicuri) who had began to compose at the same time, but in differents cities. In this way he was able to share ideas and learn so that in the future he could define his own style of psytrance music. In 2005 he decided to take it to the next level and bought more serious gear, and begin to compose music more frequently and profesionally. He now plays in some of the best and biggest psytrance festivals his country like Earthdance and Montemapu Festival (Chile), and Moonflower (Argentina).zyb Zybex has worked with labels like Magma Records (Italy), Synergetic Records (Austria), Moonsun Records (Greece), Goa (Geomagnetic) Records (USA), Kagdila Records (USA) and Freeze Magazine (Greece). His first works was very melodics and shinny, like the tracks “Prismacolours” and “Purple Waves”, but now he is working in more menthal tracks (music for the mind, like he define his new sound), tracks like “Trancing in the center of earth” are an example. Nowadays, taking root in Santiago, Zybex, with his very own style, is one of the top psytrance producers in Chile. ~OUT NOW~ SURREAL ENERGY is the debut album from the new Chilean talent Zybex. A strong album charged full of energy, good melodies, powerfull basses, sometimes little dark sometimes little shinny, flying from light to almost dark and viceversa. A different style that is not usual in our times, uniting perfectly sounds of old and new trance school. Universal and Technology sounds are mixed to tranceform this to a surreal trip of energetic music that makes u dance and feel the trance every place you are.

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