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ZYYG is rock band from Japan, formed in 1993, by bassist 栗林誠一郎(Seiichiro Kuribayashi) and vocalist 高山征輝(Tadashi Teru). Band debuted with 1st released Single 「君が欲しくてたまらない」on 19th May 1993. In 1994 joins guitarist 後藤康二(Koji Goto) and on drums 藤本健一(Fujimoto Kenichi), and due to Kurebayashi's withdrawal, same year 加藤直樹(Naoki Kato) arrived as second bassist. From the fact that ''trigger'' Kuribayashi withdraws, band has undergone major changes including the sound surface, time until Kurebayashi's quiting band is called "first phase", and period after Kato joins is referred to as a "second phase". They became more popular after release of their single「ぜったいに 誰も」 on 26th June 1995, which main song was used as OP2 for sports anime SLAM DUNK. In 1996, after releasing 2nd album「Noizy Beat」, band goes on 1st Live Tour. Band released 10 Singles and 3 Albums, and after releasing their Album BEST, band disbanded in 1999. In 2005, band held their last Live.

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