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There are 3 artists with the name ZZZ: 1) zZz is a Dutch 'organ and drums' rock & roll band from Amsterdam, founded in 2000. Band members are Björn Ottenheim and Daan Schinkel. They produce dark and sleazy organ rock and tour internationally. They released three full-length album thus far: Sound of zZz (2005), Running With The Beast (2008) and Juggernaut (2015). 2) "ZZZ are Melbournian boyfriend and girlfriend production duo, Anees and Nana. The Posh and Becks of modern dance, the Peter and Jordan of noise, the Tom & Katie of fruity loops, the ultimate techno power-couple. They met on a singles techno forum, fell in love on facebook and have spent the last 18 months making their own brand of romantic powerdance."-Banggang.com They're debut EP "Lion" was released under Bang Gang Deejays Bang Gang 12 Inches label. They are also featured on the recently released Bang Gang 12 Inches Compilation 3) ZZZ is Tom Redburn from Berkhamsted, UK. He makes delightfully energetic electronic music.

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